International Conference on Nonoperative Treatment of Surgery

International Conference on Nonoperative Treatment of Surgery

Lublin, 5-7 December 2019

Lublin Conference Centre

+ 48 791 592 958


International Conference on Nonoperative Treatment of Surgery

Lublin Conference Center


The Conference will be held at Lublin Conference Centre in Lublin which is in the very centre of the city at Artur Grottger 2 Street.

Multifunctional centre of the size of over 13 000 m2 is a new quality in organizing even the most prestigious events. Spacious atrium, multimedia fountain displaying letters and pictures, a lot of glass and modern décor catch attention right after entering the building. In turn, on the last tier there is a terrace with a view on the city and Saski Garden.

Lublin is a city open to the world, friendly and full of energy. There are 4 universities and a dozen of prestigious academic institutions. The city is considered as one of the youngest cities in Poland, because of the number of students which is about 25% of the population. Due to this, the city bustles for 24 hours. Its educational, cultural and scientific offer is very wide.

The city has a very good connection with other cities in Poland and in Europe owing to well developed railway, bus, and airline services. Newly opened airport operates flights to Munich, Tel Aviv, Kiev, Heraklion, Milan, Verona, Eindhoven, London, Liverpool, and Dublin.

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There is a wide range of lodgings in the city.
You are welcome in Lublin!

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