International Conference on Nonoperative Treatment of Bones Muscles and Internal Organs

International Conference on Nonoperative Treatment of Bones Muscles and Internal Organs

Lublin, Poland 2021

Lublin Conference Centre

+ 48 791 592 958


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You are kindly invited to present your works or to participate as a listener in ‘sport and nutrition’ session during International Conference of Surgery and Non-operative Orthopaedics. Proposed subject areas for presentation in ‘Sports and nutrition’ session are as follows:- doping in sport- nutritional strategies for sportspeople- supplementation in sport- modern dietary diagnostics- acidification of human body- the role of sports medicine - advantages of doing sports- sport psychology- jurisprudence

We encourage you to present subjects concerning diseases connected with movement system and internal organs such as: osteoporosis, rheumatic diseases, cancers, osteoarthritis, inflammations, endocrine disorders.

Proposed subject area of presentation in psychological session: health psychology, clinical psychology, positive psycho-oncology, geriatric psychiatry, sport psychology. Main themes involve: psychological diagnosis and psychotherapy, patient-therapist-doctor cooperation, psychological aspects of disabilities and injuries, stress managing, psychology of hope, motivation in treatment of motor system and internal organs diseases.

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